WHMCS Weebly Integration
Official Integration


Offer your customers a powerful site builder - from as little as FREE.

Empower your customers to build professional looking websites without any technical skills.

Over 40 million people and small businesses use Weebly to build their online website. Weebly's drag and drop site builder makes it easier and faster for your customers to create a successful website.

With the WHMCS + Weebly integration, you can offer your customers the powerful Weebly site builder, while still remaining in control of hosting your customers websites with all publishing done directly and automatically to your local web server.

Instantly open up your services to many more non-technical users by adding the Weebly site builder to your product line-up.

Supported Features

  • FREE plan with unlimited pages that can be bundled with all hosting plans under a freemium model
  • 3 paid plans with additional levels of functionality
  • Powerful cloud based drag & drop site builder with nothing to install
  • Complete e-commerce solution for setting up web-based stores
  • A wide range of modern and responsive themes to choose from

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