WHMCS Virtualmin Integration
Official Integration


A popular Linux and BSD control panel.

WHMCS and Virtualmin make running your web hosting company easy.

When you integrate WHMCS and Virtualmin, you'll get the option of paid or free control panels. Virtualmin Professional offers full features with premium support, or you can choose community support for an open-source codebase with Virtualmin GPL. Both options are built on Webmin technology and are available for Linux or BSD servers. They make integration flexible for all budgets without sacrificing a feature-rich experience.

Virtualmin and WHMCS can automate your services for both reseller and shared hosting. You can use Virtualmin's server and plan templates to create products and services. Then, you can provision, suspend, and terminate them as necessary.

Supported Features

  • Automate reseller and shared hosting.
  • Manage customer accounts across servers.
  • Easily provision, suspend, and terminate services.
  • Assign dedicated IP addresses during provisioning.
  • Initiate password resets.
  • View resource usage across accounts.

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