WHMCS Interworx Integration
Official Integration


A popular alternative to the world's leading control panels.

WHMCS and Interworx create a great solution for hosting companies.

WHMCS's integration with Interworx easily automates your web hosting business. With over a decade of experience in meeting admin and customer needs, InterWorx offers your customers everything they need to launch and manage their websites.

WHMCS's integration works with two distinct Interworx modules: Nodeworx, for managing your servers, and Siteworx, for managing customer websites. Whether it's reseller hosting with Nodeworx or shared hosting with Siteworx, account management becomes simple. You can take advantage of automated provisioning, suspension, and termination. All of this, of course, comes on top of WHMCS's many built-in features.

Your customers will receive the benefits, too, with easy upgrades, downgrades, and automated password resets, all from within the WHMCS client area.

Supported Features

  • Automate reseller and shared hosting.
  • Manage customer accounts across servers.
  • Easily provision, suspend, and terminate services.
  • Automate upgrades and downgrades.
  • Initiate automated password resets.

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