WHMCS SpamExperts Integration
Official Integration


Email Security and Protection against Spam

Offer spam protection, legal compliance, and reliable email backups

Through MarketConnect, you can easily sell professional email security solutions from SpamExperts. These services include incoming and outgoing email filtering, protecting your customers, and email archiving, providing backups and ensuring legal compliance. You can offer each of these separately, allowing customers to choose the right options for themselves, or sell them bundled in several configurations. Services are sold on a per-domain basis.

For domains hosted on cPanel servers, provisioning is automated. Once configured, scanning and analysis for incoming email and archiving for all mailboxes begins immediately. Your customers will be able to access the SpamPanel control panel directly through the WHMCS Client Area using Single Sign-On. WHMCS automates the creation of renewal invoices, automatically suspends for nonpayment, and, for cPanel servers, will automate the process of reconfiguring MX records when services are terminated.

Supported Features

  • One-click sales through MarketConnect.
  • Automatic landing page setup.
  • Automatic promotions and upsells throughout the Client Area, no additional setup required.
  • Automatically-configured recommended retail pricing.
  • Sell services individually or as bundles.
  • Automated provisioning on cPanel servers.
  • Automatic customizable welcome emails with configuration instructions for non-cPanel servers.
  • Real-time scanning and analysis for incoming email and archiving begins automatically at purchase.
  • Customers can access the SpamPanel control panel from the WHMCS Client Area.
  • Automatic renewal invoice generation.
  • Automatic suspension for nonpayment.
  • Automated reconfiguration of MX records when terminating services on cPanel servers.
  • Start and stop selling with the click of a button.


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