WHMCS Digicert Integration
Official Integration


The #1 most trusted brand in internet security

We've teamed up with DigiCert to be able to bring WHMCS powered web hosts full end-to-end SSL automation.

WHMCS’s integration with Digicert lets you sell some of the most widely-recognized and trusted SSL brands in the world. It brings you complete automation, including fully-automated provisioning and deployment. You can start selling instantly, picking only the certificate types you want to offer, with Digicert, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL certificates all available through the same integration. Client Area landing pages and promotions are set up and ready from the moment you enable sales. After purchase, WHMCS fully automates the provisioning process and, for cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin servers, installs the certificate with no manual action required.

After purchase, WHMCS fully automates the provisioning process and installs the certificate for you if it will be used on a cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin server. Transfers from other SSL providers won’t incur downtime, and customers can manage their certificates from the Client Area homepage. WHMCS will also automate renewal invoices, and, for some configurations*, can remove the need to configure and deploy new certificates each year.

* Available for certificates on cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin servers for domains that are hosted through the same WHMCS installation. This feature also requires API access to the destination server.

Supported Features

  • One-click sales through MarketConnect.
  • Automated issuance, deployment, and installation for cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin servers.
  • Automatic landing page setup.
  • Automatic promotions and upsells throughout the Client Area, no additional setup required.
  • For Digicert, sell Secure Site and Secure Site Pro certificates, with or without EV, with dynamic Norton-secured site seals.
  • For GeoTrust, sell QuickSSL and True BusinessID certificates, including EV and wildcard options, and provide dynamic site seals.
  • For RapidSSL, sell RapidSSL and RapidSSL Wildcard certificates with site seals.
  • Selection of certificates to sell: only sell the types you want.
  • Automatically-configured recommended retail pricing.
  • Automated transfers from competing SSL providers with no downtime.
  • Automated certificate management from the Client Area homepage.
  • Automatic renewal invoice generation.
  • Automatic suspension for nonpayment.
  • Start and stop selling with the click of a button.


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