WHMCS CodeGuard Integration
Official Integration


Automated daily backups to the cloud with one-click restores

Initial backups and scanning on purchase, no manual steps required

With WHMCS’s CodeGuard integration through MarketConnect, you can offer CodeGuard services easily. CodeGuard automates daily backups, allowing customers to roll back single files or entire websites easily, scan for malware, and automate their WordPress installations. When you enable sales through MarketConnect, you'll be able to offer up to seven separate pricing tiers, configure landing pages, and add promotions and upselling with just a few clicks.

WHMCS automates initial setup, triggering the initial backup and malware scan immediately on purchase. Your customers will have access to CodeGuard directly through the Client Area. Renewals and suspensions are also automated with no manual steps required.

Supported Features

  • One-click sales through MarketConnect.
  • Automatic landing page setup.
  • Automatic promotions and upsells throughout the Client Area, no additional setup required.
  • Automatically-configured recommended retail pricing.
  • Seven separate pricing tiers to suit every customer.
  • Automated setup.
  • Automatic initial full backup, malware scan, and WordPress updates immediately on purchase, no manual trigger required.
  • Client Area CodeGuard access.
  • Automatic renewal invoice generation.
  • Automatic suspension for nonpayment.
  • Start and stop selling with the click of a button.


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