WHMCS Stripe Integration
Official Integration


Accept payment safely and securely with the Stripe module for WHMCS

Secure Tokenised Checkout from Stripe

Fully automated subscription billing with WHMCS and Stripe with automated web provisoning and support platform.

The stripe integration in WHMCS enables you to accept payments safely and securely using Stripe's tokenised storage system. With Stripe Elements, sensitive card details never touch your servers simplifying PCI requirements, making it easier and faster for you to meet PCI Compliance.

Reasons to use Stripe with WHMCS

Secure Payment with Tokenised Gateway

The WHMCS Stripe payment gateway uses Stripe's tokenised storage system. As a result, credit card information is submitted to and stored remotely by Stripe reducing your exposure to card data compromise.

Secure One-time and Recurring Payments

Whether you sell one-off products or subscription, Stripe in WHMCS offers a comprehensive security and rigorous compliance including 3D Secure that provides an additional layer of protection against fraudulent payments.

Easier and Faster PCI Compliance

Because sensitive card details don't touch your servers, you’re eligible for the simplest method of PCI validation (SAQ A) making compliance more cost effective and easier for you.

Accepts more type of payments

Stripe in WHMCS supports payments from all major credit cards as well as digital wallets which are becoming a more and more popular mode of payments. The integration also supports ACH & SEPA payments allowing you to accept direct debit payments.

Support for ACH & SEPA

ACH and SEPA payments are similar to debit card transactions in that both withdraw funds from a customer's bank account. However, since these payments do not use the card brand networks it has lower transaction fees and has fewer declines due to expiration.

Seamless Checkout user experience

WHMCS supports Stripe Elements which allows you to customise the styling of the payment form to match the look and feel of your checkout page for a more seamless checkout user experience.

Accept All Payment Methods

Supported Features

  • Stripe Elements Checkout Updated!
  • Automated Recurring Billing
  • Automated Refunds
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Fees Tracking


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