WHMCS PayPal Integration
Official Integration


The #1 most widely used payment gateway in the world

Accept PayPal from your customers and increase conversions

When you use PayPal to accept online payments, you give your customers confidence: PayPal's research has shown that offering payment with PayPal increases checkout conversion by up to 62%.

The PayPal integration in WHMCS is easy and secure. Repeat customers get a faster checkout experience, and you can automate recurring payments and bill on-demand.

Supported Features

  • Vaulted Payment Methods — Securely store payment methods with PayPal Vault for supported countries
  • PayPal Smart Buttons — Offer one-click payments with PayPal brand recognition
  • Full WHMCS Integration — Manage customer disputes, issue refunds, and view your PayPal merchant balance
  • Express Checkout - Which saves your customers time when signing up


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