WHMCS Authorize.net Accept.js Integration
Official Integration

Authorize.net Accept.js

Secure payment processing from Authorize.net

A merchant gateway with a Customer Information Manager and Echeck module

When you use Authorize.net as your payment gateway, you can accept payments through many payment methods. The Echeck Authorize.net module will let you process payments directly from bank accounts, and the Customer Information Manager (CIM) module lets you store payment methods directly on Authorize.net's secure servers.

After initial payments, WHMCS can also use this gateway to automate recurring payments and process refunds.

Supported Features

  • Accept secure payments through many payment methods.
  • Use the Echeck module to process payments directly from a bank account.
  • Use the CIM to store payment data with tokenized remote storage.
  • Automate recurring payments.
  • Automate refunds.


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