WHMCS SolusIO Integration
Official Integration


A virtual infrastructure management solution for ISPs and enterprises

Launch your own virtual cloud offering like DigitalOcean

WHMCS's integration with SolusIO lets you offer fully-featured self-service VM provisioning and management. You can enable SolusIO through the WHMCS Marketplace and start selling immediately, with premade promotional landing pages fully integrated.

When customers purchase SolusIO, WHMCS automatically provisions and activates their account and performs email verification. Then, customers can take advantage of a self-service portal to provision and manage VMs, access the terminal for any of their servers, and deploy many popular applications. WHMCS bills for monthly usage and automates the process of locking and suspending accounts for nonpayment.

Supported Features

  • Easily enable sales through the WHMCS Marketplace.
  • Automatic promotional landing page setup.
  • Automatic email address verification during signup.
  • Instant account provisioning and activation.
  • Single Sign-On through the WHMCS Client Area.
  • Self-service VM provisioning and management with server grouping.
  • Self-service terminal access.
  • Self-service power controls for all VMs.
  • Self-service application deployment.
  • Automated monthly usage-based billing.
  • Automated account locking and suspension for nonpayment.
  • Apply limit groups to new users to restrict resource usage.


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